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Gator-Tough Lights™


Gator-Tough™ offers a LIFE TIME NO leakage warranty on housing…Gator-Tough™ Ultra H.I.D. lights™ are warranted 50,000 - 100,000 light hrs, or 3 years which ever comes first… Gator-Tough™ uses high quality components to make our Gator-Tough™ LED Lights. In the unlikely event of component failure, your Gator-Tough™ LED Lights will be replaced or repaired FREE of charge during the warranty period.

All GatorTough Lights™ come with a three part water tight seal, and a two part Tamperproof Power cord Strain Relief built into every light GatorTough™ Light.

This warranty does not cover damage to the unit caused by accident, misuse or abuse. Tampering with the Strain Relief, Cord and battery clamps not covered. If you electrically damage your lights, the warranty is voided. Cracked housing due to misuse or abuse, objects & weights striking housing with force will not be covered. If more than 10% of the LED's go out, the light will be replaced.

The Purchaser is responsible for return shipping to us. This warranty is non-transferable. You must be the original purchaser and also send a copy of your receipt with proof of purchase to match our records back to the original purchaser.

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GatorTough™ Have the only “LIFETIME WARRANTY” in the industry…