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Independent Shrimp Light test show that GatorTough Lights™ have the highest output and lowest amperage draw for today's Shrimping and Fishing applications!

Shrimp Light Test Results

Shrimp-Light Test Results, Showing which are the best Shrimping lights on the market today!

Our competitions Independent Light Test shows that GatorTough Lights™ have the highest output and lowest amperage draw for today's Shrimping and Fishing applications!

Test Results:

Our shrimping light competition has recently asked an electrical engineer to run some amperage tests on our GatorTough Lights™ compared to theirs, it was said that the electrical engineer who performed a comprehensive comparison of our Gator Tough Lights™ and other lights available on the market today.  

Thanks to our Competition for the comparison: Their independent tests show that The GatorTough Lights™ Performed better by requiring nearly 50% less watts to power up and having nearly 50% less drew of amps from your battery.

The results of their tests also show that the other lights use nearly 50% more wattage to power up and draw nearly 50% amps from your batteries, than our GatorTough lights™, they also prove that our GatorTough Lights™ are more energy efficient than any other on the market today.

The reason for the lower wattage and current is because we employ only the state of the art Energy Efficient Ultra H.I.D. High Intensify LEDs™ in all our GatorTough Lights™.

Real-world Tests vs the elements:

Besides having our own independent electrical engineer give us advice on what makes for the best possible lights. We had a business owner conduct testing in real world conditions which included; using our lights in the Cold, Wet and Rainy weather conditions, not just with a multi-meter in a lab, but in real world conditions, and the results were outstanding.

We gave our lights to a certified motorcycle shop owner and technician, and they used our lights in real world conditions for the past two consecutive years, while Shrimping with our GatorTough Lights™ they connected “FOUR” lights to a single motorcycle battery (as shown in the photo below) which our lights stayed lit nice and bright while they were Shrimping time after time again.

Here is a photo of our GatorTough Lights™

Which you can see are handling "FOUR" of our

lights on a single motorcycle battery


Here is a photo of FOUR GatorTough Lights™ being used on a single Motorcycle battery. Which you can see all lights are shinning nice and bright!

Ever hear the expression, “The proof is in the pudding!”

Here are some photos of them with their buckets of shrimp,

while using our GatorTough Lights™ on a single motorcycle battery.

Video of our GatorTough lights™

Prototype LED Shrimping Light.

We tested all our lights is Real Word Shrimping and Fishing conditions. We tested them all with both motorcycle batteries and deep cycle marine battery's and they performed flawlessly with both. We tested our 1.5 - 2.05 amp lights on a single motorcycle battery or our 2.05 - 3.75 amp lights on a single marine battery.

Using Multiple Lights:

The results were; we were able to use “FOUR” 1.5 - 2.05 amp lights on a single motorcycle battery for “TWO" consecutive nights of shrimping and fishing.

And we were able to used “FIVE” 2.05 - 3.75 amp lights on a single marine battery for “THREE” consecutive nights of shrimping and fishing. So whichever of our GatorTough Lights™ you choose, there is no need to worry about your marine battery not handling multiple lights at the sometime on a single charge.

We would have used more lights in our Real World Tests, but “FIVE” lights are about the average that a Shrimper uses on their boats while Shrimping so we wanted to keep our test in Real World Conditions, that you the recreational Shrimper would encounter while Shrimping. Because this is when it counts the most!

Technology: As technology in the LED light world improves, so does the amp ratings and current draw. All our GatorTough Lights™ provide the best Luminous with the lowest current of any other, our Gator Tough Lights™ are built using today’s latest technology. Thus, giving you the longest lasting light and warranty on the market today.

This means that you can enjoy your shrimping or fishing much longer without loss of lights and with the best possible luminous available, without worrying about your batteries going low.

Let's go over the details:

Using one of the lowest and cheapest Interstate deep cycle batteries HD24-DP with the brightest of the Gator Tough Lights™ will last about 27.5 hours where our competition's light will only last about 17 hours.

Knowledge: Anglers and Shrimper's, know that no one goes Shrimping or Fishing with just one light, So if you have four lights deployed that would cut your light time down on the battery to around 7 Shrimping hours with our Gator Touch Lights™ and only 4.25 Shrimping hours with our competitions lights, according to their test results. This is because Gator Tough lights™ only uses the latest Ultra H.I.D. LED Technology™ and components in all our GatorTough lights!!!

Moreover, during our independent lights Tests, we were able to have “FIVE” lights deployed lasting an entire weekend of Shrimping, Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Night consecutively in a row.

Deployment: in Real World Conditions, you will need to deploy your lights around 10 ft away from your boat, having the power cable extended down and out, and away from your boat, not to mention drape under your boat and out of the reach of your dip nets. For this you need an extra long power cord. GatorTough™ Gives you an extra Long 40 ft Heavy Duty Industrial Strength power cord, with a resistance of only 0.028 ohms, as with all of our GatorTough Lights™ that are Engineered to have the Highest output and Low Amperage Draw for today Shrimping and Fishing applications!

We thank the competition for their independent comparison results.

Here are the independent results that were test by their electrical engineer, the test result clearly show that GatorTought Lights™ use less amps and watts than any other light on the market today! Thus given you more Shrimping time on the water and allowing for you to use multiple lights without needing to worry about your batteries running low.

GatorTough Lights™ Tough on Shrimp, gentle on your battery™

We give you the Best Combination of performance, low watts, low amps, high lumens built into each and every light GatorTough™ manufactures.

The lower the Watts and Lower the Amps the better the lights perform on your battery.

According to the competitors independent testing results above, Our GatorTough Lights™ uses the lowest amperage of any other light on the market. So why use anything else, Choose GatorTough™

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If you’re looking for the BEST Shrimping, Fishing or Gigging lights money can buy.

Think GatorTough Lights™ Our name says it all™

We manufacture more than 36 Models of Shrimping Lights, Fishing Lights, and Gigging Lights. Engineered to have the Highest output and Lowest Amperage Draw for today's Shrimping and Fishing applications! Plus, All Gator-Tough™  lights are made in the USA…

We do one thing and do it right! We Make Lights!™

Now with that said and with all the advances in technology evolving, these specs will all always be changing. When raped new achievements come on to the market, we will adapt and be putting out even lower watt and amp rated lights with even higher luminous.

All GatorTough Lights are Engineered to have the Highest output and Low Amperage Draw for today Shrimping and Fishing applications!