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 All Gator-Tough™ Connections are Hot Dipped Soldered, Called Tinning.

Lead tinning is a process of hot solder dipping wiring for wire ends of semiconductor and other electronic components. This solder coating provides a thick non-porous surface which prevents corrosion, and a better electrical connection.

For soldering applications which require maximum reliability of solder joints, especially for surface mounted components, only solder of the highest purity is acceptable.

All Gator-Tough™ Connections are Hot Dipped Soldered (Tinned) then Heat Fused together... Best process known to man... This makes a strong, electrically sound connection…

Also, hot tin dipping is thought to be one of the more effective mitigating strategies for preventing whisker growth, a problem that plagues critical electronic systems.

Hot-dip tinned strip reduce the contact resistance in electromechanical and electronic components. In addition to providing protection against corrosion, the treatment ensures reliable contact in plug connections and easier wetting during  soldering. The intended application of the tin-coated strip by means of targeted heat treatment. This also has a favorable effect on the insertion and extraction forces, surface hardness and solderability.

In the electrical engineering and electronics sectors, electrotinning and hot-dip tinning are a well established processes.

 Gator-Tough™ uses hot dipper solder that contains 63% Tin 33% Lead, which proves that every batch conforms to the strictest quality control standards in the solder industry.  

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