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About GatorTough Lights™

About GatorTough Lights™

We are a Hi-Tech manufacturer that, Designs, Integrates, Technology, R&D, Development, Implementation, Production Manufacturing, Testing, and sales of LED Shrimping, Fishing, and Gigging Lights…

The Founder of GatorTough Lights has been Shrimping, Lobstering, and Fishing since a teenager. He grew up on the ocean, with the water’s edge within 100 feet from his front door.

Our Founder was raised with good work ethics, believing in “doing your job right the first time and at your very best”, and the drive to keep fighting and never giving up, as failure is never an option.

So he takes a sense of pride in creating and developing the very best Shrimping and Fishing Lights available on the market today.

He makes sure GatorTough™ use's only the best quality LED diodes and chips available in all our GatorTough Lights™ (See Q&A) for more on quality…

He started building Computers back in the 80s and became a computer technician doing P.O.S. systems in his later years. So he had vast experience in computer design and technology.

He started making Fishing and Shrimping lights back in 1985 and doing charter services on and off ever since.

He started out with Green sealed candescent lights, then Green Florescent lights, and then LED’s became popular, and he started making LED Fishing and Shrimping lights…

He used his vast technology experience to create the toughest and most efficient light in the industry.

He introduced the GatorTough Brand and Website back in January 2013.

GatorTough now Imports all of their LED Strip’s direct from the Manufactures overseas

GatorTough is now manufacturing all of their GatorTough Lights here in the US. While just importing the LED Lights Strips made to our GatorTough uses a Tri-Chip diode that consists of three light-emitting diode chips, if one chip goes out the other two stay on. Not all diode chips are created equal.

GatorTough uses Better Components, Better Parts, Better Chips,  better  diode’s,  (linked) Tri-Chip design (if one diode chip goes out the other two stay on) Better Wiring, Better Soldering (Hot-Dipped), Better (Double-Sided)  Copper Strip Materials. Plus we use a process called (“TUBE FUSION™”), not glue, to melt our joints together to give you a 100% Watertight, Water proof seal for the life of your lights.

A lot has changed over the years. But one thing has not, His dedication in making the best product design for the Angler.  

We aim to provide our customers with the best up-to-date Hi-Tech quality products by design… Quality is our lifeline and is the foundation and future of our corporate productive growth.

The GatorTough™ difference;

GatorTough™ is commitment to the sport of Shrimping and Fishing, and dedicated to building the best Shrimping lights, Fishing Lights, and Gigging Lights available on the market today and beyond as we look into the future of the Sport.

GatorTough™ is setting new standards for the recreational Shrimping industry with their innovative product research and development, and throughout the entire engineering, development and manufacturing process, applying new technology and processes along the way like with our Exclusive "Tube FUSION™", Welded Seams... (NOT Glued) corrosion resistant flux bath, hot tinned bath, Exclusive Ultra series™ of LED lights, and our Exclusive Cee Channel components, Exclusive Solid Copper Gator Jaws™, Custom manufactured LED Ultra Chip Diode™ lights strips. Plus some secretive processes that go into each and every light that GatorTough™ Builds.

GatorTough™ develops solutions to meet the requirements of today’s recreational Shrimper's needs. With our continued product research and development, refinement and testing of new technology on a continuing basis. All to stay on told of the stringent demands of today’s recreation Shrimper's needs.

The GatorTough™ Brand of lights, already in retail stores, with nationwide retail marketing and wholesale distributorships being offered, and working on national chain store outlets, with more than 36 models of Shrimping, Fishing and Gigging lights already developed, and more in the development stage.  

Nautical Gator LLC has been building Fishing, Shrimping and Gigging lights since Nautical Gator LLC was incorporated back in 2006. Nautical Gator LLC re-launched its lights under the GatorTough brand™ on January 9th 2013 under the GatorTough™ Brand which  had 150 and 300 LED’S in each light at that time. Our lights come in Green, White, Blue and Yellow, Green and White, Blue and White, Yellow and White. All colors available in Shrimping and Fishing Lights, Gigging lights only available in White.

GatorTough™ lights are simply the best engineered lights on the market today, which is backed by our LIFE TIME No Leakage WARRANTY.