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Shrimp Light Luminous Tests Results

If you’re looking for the BEST Shrimping, Fishing or Gigging lights money can buy.

Think GatorTough Lights™ Our name says it all™

We manufacture more than 36 Models of Shrimping Lights, Fishing Lights, and Gigging Lights. Engineered to have the Highest output and Lowest Amperage Draw for today's Shrimping and Fishing applications! Plus, All Gator-Tough™  lights are made in the USA…

We do one thing and do it right! We Make Lights!™

Now with that said and with all the advances in technology evolving, these specs will all always be changing. When raped new achievements come on to the market, we will adapt and be putting out even lower watt and amp rated lights with even higher luminous.

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Pro Shrimper Series™ GT-5000-G

Green = 2284 Total Luminous

Only 2.01 Total Amps

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Pro Shrimper Series™ GT-6000-G

Green -  2312 Total Luminous

Only 1.71 Total Amps

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Ultra Color Series™ GT-5000-WG

White = 1559 Luminous

Green - 1177 Luminous

White and Green - 2598 Total Luminous

 ONLY 2.24 Total Amps

Notice the luminous reading at far right how high the luminous is. That is our lights luminous before they are placed into the shrimp light housing.

The only reading you should care about would be the TRUE Luminous of a fully assembled light. Like we posted above.

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Ultra Color Series™ GT-6000-WG

White = 2029 Luminous

Green - 1243 Luminous

White and Green - 3146 Total Luminous

Only 2.13 Total Amps

Accurate Luminous reading after the lights have been placed inside the Shrimp light housing and fully assembled.

Luminous reading before

put into housing

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Color Series:­™ GT-7000-WG

White = 3460 Luminous

Green - 1433 Luminous

White and Green - 4750 Total Luminous

Only 3.21 Total Amps

Unlike other companies that use the manufactures specifications, then times that by the number of diodes on the light strip which an inaccurate way of calculating the true Luminous.

Because once a diode is placed onto a flexible light strips circuit board, and resisters are added to the board, all the specifications change.

Plus taking into account, placing the light strips into a ¼ in thick tinted PVC tube acts like a filter and reduces the amount of light that illuminates out of the Shrimp light housing.

So the ONLY True way to accurately measure the true luminous is when the Shrimp light is fully assembled.

NOTE: GatorTough™ always measures our shrimp lights after the lights have been fully assembled with a certified luminous meter.

All Amps are test using a certified Fluke Multi meter, at the battery clips attached to a marine battery at the end of our 40ft power cord.

Check out our lights luminous test results below.

How to Measure a Shrimp Lights True Luminous




GatorTough Luminous Tests Results

We Conducted a Luminous test on each of our light with the help of Chris an Electrical Engineer

The Luminous tests were conducted under controlled conditions in a dark room using a calibrated luminous meter.

The results below are actual luminous readings of our lights in the Shrimp Light Housing connected to a 12 volt marine battery at the end of our 40ft power cord.

All GatorTough Lights are Engineered to have the Highest output and Low Amperage Draw for today Shrimping and Fishing applications!