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GatorTough Lights™ deserving of a United Stated Patent.

A little history of our shrimping, fishing, and gigging, lights. Back in 2006 we were making our first prototype halogen, incandescent and florescent fishing, gigging and shrimping lights, which were quality lights, then as time passed, we were developing our first invention prototype led light back in 2009 when the first led’s started to hit the market, after years of research and development trial and error, we feel we have perfected the world’s first led shrimping, fishing and gigging lights.

Today after years of research and development we launch our new led product line of lights back in November of 2014, we now have over 36 models of shrimping fishing and gigging lights with more under development.

WARNING: After years of product development, GatorTough Lights™ deserving of a United Stated Patent for inventing the first prototype of our name brand Shrimping, Fishing and Gigging Lights, and having received our Patent conformation number status from the United States Patent Office, for having a unique led design for all our light models and all embodiments thereof. Our Shrimping, Fishing and Gigging light designs are protected by the United States Patent Infringement Laws and are not to be copied or reproduced in any form, without a signed Licensing Agreement. Violators will be subject to strict civil actions and penalties. Any LED Shrimping, Fishing, Gigging, Camping, and Navigation Lights made after 2009 may be considered to be patent infringement.

How to know if you are violating our Inventions Patent Status. In short; It is a utility Patent, which covers “ALL Embodiments” thereof, therein, which can be used for Shrimping, Fishing, Gigging, Camping, and Navigation above or below the water. So if you feel your light has any or similar embodiments you may be infringing upon our invention.

What can we do if we are infringing upon your intellectual property rights? Simply let us know and we will see if we could work out a licensing agreement with you. Or simply Cease and desist from making any further lights.

We are now seeking distributors and retail outlets for marketing the original GatorTough™ product line of angling lights.

Shrimp Light Patent Status