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Product Research and Development

 At Gator-Tough™ We are the Manufacture of our Gator-Tough™ Series of Shrimping, Fishing and Gigging Lights!

We Design, Engineer, Fabricate, Machine Drill, Cut, Die Tap, Solder, our own components to our exact specifications... Then Assemble, and Test, all our Gator-Tough™ Lights...

 All Gator-Tough™ Lights Run through a Series of  Bench Tests, to insure us that you are getting the Highest Standard of Quality in every Gator-Tough™ Light we build...

The Below Photo is in a Dark Room with our "2ft White Gigging Light" and 12" Green Shrimp Light" Turned On! They light up the whole Test Bench, and room as a matter of fact... The Lights are hooked up to a AC power adapter and plugged into a wall outlet for quality control testing.

You can see in our photo that we use magnifying glasses to magnify our soldering connections, making sure we give you the best quality electrical connections possible... (we've seen other lights using Butt connector) Simply put Butt connectors lose contact over time! So we solder every electrical connection in all our Gator-Tough™ Lights...

All Gator-Tough™ lights have Welded Seams... (NOT Glued )... We use a process called "“TUBE FUSION™”. We apply a small amount of a chemical that actually starts to dissolve the clear outer casing and the end caps, then creates a bond we call “TUBE FUSION™”... because it fuses both pieces together forming one unit... Thus creating a 100% waterproof bond. (we've seen other lights using ordinary PVC glue) Simply put PVC glue could leak and separate over time! So Gator-Tough™ uses the best "“TUBE FUSION™” process available that actually Welds the Seams together, so there is no chance of leakage or separation...  So we know we are building and giving you the Toughest light available on the market today...

We also go beyond ordinary testing... We Gator-Tough™ test them, we pound them, drop them, drag them behind a truck, hit baseballs with them, submerged them in deep water, test under electrical load, pull on the internal wiring, pull on the external power cord... plus, we also test and use them when we are out Shrimping, Fishing and Gigging... So we know how Tough the really are...

"We just don't say They're Gator-Tough™ We prove it"

The Below Photo shows us testing out three of our Gator-Tough™ Shrimper Series 2: Green Shrimps Light" Turned On! The Lights are hooked up to a AC power adapter and plugged into a wall outlet for quality control testing. We are checking the lights out with a Fluke Multimeter, making sure everything checks out and passes our quality control inspection tests for approval...

This is done before we place the end caps on with our “TUBE FUSION™” process... Once we do that, there is no way to disassemble the unit... because the “TUBE FUSION™” process fuses them together as one unit... making them Gator-Tough™... and 100% Waterproof...

Below Photo shows our Gator-Tough™ Clean Soldering Connections, a size comparison, a five row gig light board, and a in-line series test we do... All this is part of out Gator-Tough™ Quality control process.... Good Solid Clean Soldering connections make for a quality produce... "They Ain't Gator-Tough™ Until We Say They're Gator-Tough™"

 One of our Light Strip Prepping Station Racks...

More Bench Testing photos, Click on photos to enlarge image

We Run through a Series of  Bench Tests on every light we build… Before they are assembled... and after they are assembled... this insures us that you are getting the Highest Standard of Quality in every Gator-Tough™ Light we build...

 Light Strip Solder Connections...

All Connections are Hot Dipped Soldered

63% Tin 33% Lead...

All Gator-Tough™ Lights Run on a 12V DC battery or AC power adapter.

So our Gator-Tough™ Green LED Technology Under Water Lights will work with your DC boat battery or your AC dock outlets.

OPERATION: To operate and power our lights:

For Boat: a 12V DC marine battery is required (sold separately).

For your Docks: 110v AC power adapter is required (sold separately).

Our Gator-Tough™ Green LED Technology Underwater Lights Will last for up to 50,000 - 100,000 hours. Comes with a heavy duty water proof 40 foot power cord with battery clips attached, so you can attach them directly to your 12V marine battery right out of the box.

GatorTough™ Has the only “LIFETIME WARRANTY” in the industry…

All Gator-Tough™ lights come with a inline Waterproof Fuse Holder on our power cords that attached to our Copper battery clips. This protects from water intrusion and accidental short if you connect the clips to the wrongs battery terminal... Our Waterproof in-line Fuse holder excepts a 5 amp Fuse...

What Gator-Tough™ does to help you prevent this from occurring is, we make the (Red) positive side and (Black) negative side of our power cable shorter than the other at the copper battery clips end. (as shown in photos)… This also keeps them from accidental contact with one another… Here at GatorTough we try to think of everything to help make your Shrimping, Fishing and Gigging more a enjoyable experience.

At Gator-Tough™ We only use the Best Products and Components so we can call them Gator-Tough™

ALL Gator-Tough™ Lights come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!

If you’re looking for the BEST Shrimping, Fishing or Gigging lights money can buy.

Think GatorTough Lights™ Our name says it all™

We manufacture more than 36 Models of Shrimping Lights, Fishing Lights, and Gigging Lights. Engineered to have the Highest output and Lowest Amperage Draw for today's Shrimping and Fishing applications! Plus, All Gator-Tough™  lights are made in the USA…

We do one thing and do it right! We Make Lights!™

Now with that said and with all the advances in technology evolving, these specs will all always be changing. When raped new achievements come on to the market, we will adapt and be putting out even lower watt and amp rated lights with even higher luminous.

Here is a better way of understanding LEDs output

Gator-Tough™ uses heavy duty industrial strength power cords?

Gator-Tough™ power cords are very heavy-duty. We test our power cords with 20 lb shrimp lead weights attached to them, and they hold up over the continued deployment and re-deployment of our shrimping lights, time after time again...  

GatorTough Luminous Tests Results

We Conducted a Luminous test on each of our light with the help of Chris an Electrical Engineer

The Luminous tests were conducted under controlled conditions in a dark room using a calibrated luminous meter.

The results below are actual luminous readings of our lights in the Shrimp Light Housing connected to a 12 volt marine battery at the end of our 40ft power cord.

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Pro Shrimper Series™ GT-5000-G

Green = 2284 Total Luminous

Only 2.01 Total Amps

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Pro Shrimper Series™ GT-6000-G

Green -  2312 Total Luminous

Only 1.71 Total Amps

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Ultra Color Series™ GT-5000-WG

White = 1559 Luminous

Green - 1177 Luminous

White and Green - 2598 Total Luminous

 ONLY 2.24 Total Amps

Notice the luminous reading at far right how high the luminous is. That is our lights luminous before they are placed into the shrimp light housing.

The only reading you should care about would be the TRUE Luminous of a fully assembled light. Like we posted above.

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Ultra Color Series™ GT-6000-WG

White = 2029 Luminous

Green - 1243 Luminous

White and Green - 3146 Total Luminous

Only 2.13 Total Amps

Accurate Luminous reading after the lights have been placed inside the Shrimp light housing and fully assembled.

Luminous reading before

put into housing

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Ultra Color Series:­™ GT-7000-WG

White = 3460 Luminous

Green - 1433 Luminous

White and Green - 4750 Total Luminous

Only 3.21 Total Amps