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Shrimp Lights

Less Amps, Less Watts = More Luminous

Battery Amp Drain

I cannot comment about ones thinking, only promote GatorTough Lights™ in an ethical fashion.

Many years ago we tried those first generation LEDs that needed high wattage to power up and sucked all the amps out of your battery. But as technology evolves, we adapt.

Today we use the Latest H.I.D. High Intensity Design Ultra LED Technology™ and components in all our GatorTough lights!!!

All GatorTough Lights™ are engineered to have the highest output and Lowest Amperage Draw for today Shrimping and Fishing applications!

The above test results speak for themselves. Our lights use only 1.5 – 2.05 amps and only 45 Watts to power up. That’s about half the watts needed to power up the others lights and about half the amp draw.

Their independent tests show that The GatorTough Lights™ Performed better by requiring nearly 50% less watts to power up and having nearly 50% less drew of amps from your battery.

The test also show that our GatorTough Lights™ are nearly 50% more energy efficient than any other on the market today. The reason for the lower wattage and current is because we employ only the state of the art Energy Efficient Ultra H.I.D. High Intensify LEDs™ in all our GatorTough Lights™.

Now with that said and with all the advances in technology evolving, these specs will all always be changing. When raped new achievement come on to the market, we will adapt and be putting out even lower amp rated lights with even better luminous.

OK so what does this mean to you the Recreation Shrimper's?

It means that your battery will not run low on amp hours current. Batteries only have so much charge, and batteries are depleted when you draw amps out of the battery. So the fewer amps you use the longer your battery will last.

Also Recreational Shrimper as yourself know that no one Shrimps with only one Shrimp Light, so this allows you to attach multiple Shrimp Lights to a single battery without having to worry about your Shrimp Lights darning the battery.

Some Shrimper's may notice that when you start out Shrimping your lights are bright on a fully charged battery, then after an hr or two your lights seem to become dimmer. Well this is not because the water got darker, this is because your battery is losing amps. After all if your battery is losing too many amps, how many shrimp will you see if your lights go dim or out?

It was for this reason that we researched the different LED technology and are now using the highest output and Lowest Amperage Draw LEDs for today Shrimping and Fishing applications!

As you may know, when we go Shrimping I sometimes hook up five lights on my bow or and five light on my Stern, Depending on my deployment strategy for that particular setup and location.

Anyway's, back to the point at hand;

We test multiple Shrimp lights in all kind of weather and conditions on a single battery; the one thing I don’t like is when a battery is depleted of its amps.

As you already know firsthand, by you’re hooking up four of our shrimp lights to a single motorcycle battery; our lights do not drain your small amp motorcycle battery. So it definitely will not drain a marine battery.

In our testing we have connected 10 Shrimping lights to a single deep cell marine battery and used it for three consecutive nights of shrimping without having to re-charge the battery and all our lights still stayed bright for the entire three nights of Shrimping.

While I do not use 10 lights while shrimping, we wanted to know how many of our lights a battery could handle at a time, without depleting your boats battery of its amps. We call this extreme real world conditions testing.

So this is why GatorTough™ created Shrimp Lights that take little watts to power up, and all have a low amp rating so any of GatorTough’s™ lights will not deplete your battery of its amps for the entire time you are Shrimping.

Remember Amps and Watts of LED lights vary depending upon the size battery you are using. Generally a marine battery fully charged with good cells will be around 13.2 Watts not 12. The amount of watts your battery has effects the amps and watts of any LED light strip. So to be fair we give a plus or minus rating +- on all our LED strip lighting. The difference is so minimum that no one would ever notice a fraction without an accurate amp to watt tester. We test all our LED light strips at random when we receive an order from our overseas manufactures, to make sure they have the output we desire.

LED Technology Advancements:

If you have check out the latest HD LED Televisions these days, you would have probably noticed that we now have Ultra HD LED technology in them; Well the rapid advancements in LED light strips have also evolved with “Ultra H.I.D. High Intensity Design light strips”™.

Just do a search on Google under “Industrial Ultra Bright LED light strips” and you will see that just the strips alone cost upwards of $100.00 – $250.00 each.

While those lights are simply too bright, and produce too much heat to be used in Shrimp Lights.  We try to give you the same Advanced Ultra H.I.D. High Intensity Design technology™ in all our GatorTough™ LED lights.

In the past we’ve tried Epistar, Cree, Philips Lumileds, Mouser, Bridgelux, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, MaxLite, and Samsung LED’s, but today we exclusively use Advanced Ultra H.I.D. High Intensity Design technology™ in all our lights.

Mainly because we’ve found them to be more energy efficient by using lower watts to power them up, and with less of Amperage draw on your batteries, while still retaining a high lumens of light, which we feel creates the perfect light field for Shrimping, Fishing applications.

We will continue to keep up to date in advancements in LED technology lighting and experiment with the latest technology achievements to bring you the most energy efficient lights on the market.

We are already working on next year’s new generation of technology Shrimping, Fishing, and Gigging lights, which will be available next fall. All providing the same exclusive technology build into every GatorTough Light™

At GatorTought™ we strive to advance for our fellow anglers.

Also see our Q & A about Shrimp Lights

Lumens per Watt

A measurement of the efficiency of the light. The higher the lumens generated by each watt the greater the overall efficiency of the light. For LEDs, the higher efficiency LED are generally more expensive.

Does increasing the wattage of LEDs increase their output?

This may be true if it’s the same product from the same brand with the same optics and hardware used. However; in general the nature of the components like the optical system, the heat sink, the LED chip used and the driver affects the output more than by just the wattage. A 3watt LED luminaire from one manufacturer will have a different output from a 3watt LED luminaire from another make even if the same LED chip is used. Hence using a high quality chip alone does not guarantee better performance. Note that as the wattage increases, the efficiency drops.

What the above paragraph means:

Is that a high amp or watt LED lights does not mean that it would produce more light, in fact a low amp low watt LED light strip that produces an equal or high luminous light would be a more energy efficient light while still producing a high luminous, thus not drain your battery as fast as a high watt high amp LED light will.

Energy efficient LEDs could increase lumens (out), without necessarily increasing watts (in). Since what we usually want is light, such a more "efficient" light would be designed to draw less current amps (hence watts in), to produce the same light (lumens out)

The efficiency (also called efficacy the light output per unit of energy consumed) of incandescent lamps has increased only moderately since the introduction of the first commercially available incandescent lamps more than a century ago. Typical 60-Watt incandescent lamps produce only 16 lumens of light output per Watt with useful lifetimes of 1,000 hours on average, while a comparable halogen incandescent lamp may produce closer to 20 lumens per Watt. An equivalent compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) provides about 67 lumens per Watt and lasts 10 times as long. Solid-state light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are even more efficient—currently producing around 83 lumens per Watt—yet are rated to last more than 30 times as long as a comparable incandescent lamp. LED lighting technologies have been advancing rapidly with projections for further improvements, resulting in lower cost, increased reliability, and reduced energy consumption. By 2020, EIA projects LEDs to produce more than 150 lumens per Watt.

Conclusion, A low Amp, Low Watt, High Luminous, LED light is more energy efficient.

All GatorTough Lights are Engineered to have the Highest output and Low Amperage Draw for today Shrimping and Fishing applications!

What makes a better Shrimp Light?

With today's modern technology, and the new generation of LED’s, it is now possible to have a more Luminous light which draws Less amps, takes less watts to power up, and still producing more Lumens. (See below)